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How does catnip work in dogs?

Dogs have catnip receptors in their faces and stomachs, similar to cats. Nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip, binds to the receptors and induces a response that is so relaxing, it’s drool worthy. Dogs don’t get “high” from catnip like cats do. Instead, it is a calming agent when eaten and a great way to encourage your dog to play longer through smell! Not all dogs react to catnip, as the reaction is genetic, but many do and it usually takes about 30 minutes to see a reaction.

So why don't dogs get that euphoric response? Well cats also have receptors in their cheeks and the roof of their mouths. This is why people and dogs don't get the same reaction from catnip that cats do.

Is catnip safe for my dog?

Yes! The worst that could happen if they were to ingest a large amount is an upset stomach or being drowsy. The effects will wear off after about an hour and do not pose any long term health risks. If your pet is on medication or pregnant/nursing, we recommend asking your vet.

What is Juananip?

It’s catnip! Catnip is a plant in the mint family that contains the essential oil known as Nepetalactone. In cats, it is thought that when smelling the catnip, the Nepetalactone targets the receptors in the brain and causes euphoria. It does so by binding to protein receptors in the nasal cavity and stimulating sensory neurons which provoke a response in the part of the brain that regulates the emotions (Hypothalamus). It works similarly in dogs, but does not cause the euphoric response when they smell it.

How do I give my dog Juananip?

Place a pinch of Juananip in the pouch on the side of the toy, play with your pet for about 20 minutes, and then sprinkle about ¼ tsp on their food for a longer lasting calming effect.

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