Do Dogs Get Bored? Tips To Alleviate Boredom

If your dog was a child and summer vacation had just kicked off, chances are he would say, “Mom, I’m bored!” even though you just went out for a romp in the yard. Do dogs get bored? Yes, just like humans do!

When dogs get bored, though, they may turn to bad behaviors like:

- Barking
- Licking themselves obsessively
- Chewing your furniture. When you see your pup gnawing on the table leg you may think she’s just being a bad pup, but in fact, she could be bored and has found gnawing on the table a way to alleviate that feeling.
- Destroying toys
- Becoming a Velcro dog
- Becoming stressed and anxious

    Why do dogs get bored?

    - If they don’t have toys to play with (or toys that they like to play with – big factor!)
    - They don’t get enough exercise
    - They don’t have enough human or other canine interaction
    - They aren’t allowed to “just be a dog.” That may mean they want to explore a new location, sniff a few more trees and leaves, run around playing fetch, swimming, or jumping in a mud puddle.

      Tips To Alleviate Boredom

      If you feel that your dog is bored and if you notice behaviors he wasn’t exhibiting before, you will want to find ways to keep him happy and engaged.

      Switch up your dog’s toys. Do you want to read the same book or play the same game every day? Probably not. Your dog can quickly get bored of playing with the same toys. If you have a bucketful of toys, take some out and put them away. A few days from now, swap those toys out for new/different ones. This will keep your pet engaged because he will think they are new toys! Dogs love catnip and our Doggijuana toys offer a great “mouth feel” for your pup. Plus, you can stuff them with 'nip – win-win!

      - If you are back to work and your dog is home alone after having had you home with her during the pandemic, she may be bored with being alone. The isolation and boredom could manifest in destructive behaviors or nonstop barking. Alleviate this by leaving your pet home with a food puzzle toy to keep her engaged mentally and physically. Consider having a pet sitter or friend or family member stop by and play with her or take her for a walk.

      - Take a different route. If you only walk your dog in the same space in your yard, he is going to get bored. Dogs live by their noses and they want to sniff new and exciting things regularly! Take a walk on a new path or a new or different route. Hop in the car and take a walk in a new neighborhood. Even if you like a brisk walk, give your dog some time to sniff the new scents!

        What do you and your pup to do make sure he’s not bored?

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        Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

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