How To Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Your Dog

We know that you love to get your pups involved in everything and that includes the holidays! Birthday parties are all the rage. Traveling with your dog… why wouldn’t you? How about having an Easter egg hunt for your dog? Why not!

Because dogs love to be with you, be involved with what you’re doing and are happiest when they are doing what they do best – sniffing out treats and hunting for goodies!

There are some Easter treats that can make your dog ill or worse. That’s we have put together our best tips for a happy, healthy Easter egg hunt and have a recipe you can whip up and put into the eggs.

How To Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Your Dog

Eggs or no eggs? You can buy some plastic eggs that open up and put the treats inside them. If you do that, don’t let your dog eat the plastic egg! You can literally use eggs or you can hide treats and toys for your pup to find and not use plastic Easter eggs.

Inside or out? This will depend on the weather where you live, whether you want to go outdoors and if your pup is happier inside. Determine where you will hide the eggs and get the party started. Note: Keep track of how many eggs you’ve hidden and where they are.

How to get your dog involved. If your dog is accustomed to puzzle food games or to playing hide-and-seek, he will quickly get the excitement of sniffing out and hunting for treats. If your dog is new to hide-and-seek, show her an egg that has a treat in it then lure her to the location of a hidden egg. Act excited to get her excited. Open the egg and give her the treat. Reward her with praise, too. Once she’s enjoyed the treat, move on to the next.

Take it to the kitchen! Cook up these Doggijuana treats for your pup. You can hide them in an egg or simply hide the treat and run around with your dog while he sniffs it out! Here is the recipe for the Doggijuana treats.

Egg fillings to consider. Keep the Easter egg hunt healthy and put cut up carrots, apples, broccoli, pumpkin or squash inside the eggs. Remember, your dog doesn’t have to eat every treat she finds at that moment. You can parcel them out throughout the day, but do give her at least a tiny portion of the treat to keep her incentivized and praise her “finding” skills.

Dogs love toys. Not all the items for the Easter egg hunt have to be eggs! Dogs love toys and they especially love dog toys filled with Doggijuana! Give your pup a new toy! Dogs love toys and our toys can be stuffed with Doggijuana and they benefit from its calming effects. Check out our colorful, great mouthfeel toys! Dogs love toys and they love new toys. New toys will keep your dog mentally and physically engaged and that’s a great thing for every pup!

We are so thrilled with our new Doggijuana toys and with sharing the benefits of catnip with the canine community! Check out our toys and the benefits of catnip for dogs!

Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

How will you and your pup celebrate Easter? Share photos with us on our Doggijuana Facebook page!

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