How To Plan A Fun Doggie Date Night

Are you tired of staring at the same four walls? Do you yearn for the days when you could walk around somewhere other than your immediate neighborhood? Don’t you just want to get out and do something fun? We hear you!

Even though it is winter in many areas of the country, you can still plan a fun doggie date night. Who says you even have to leave the house to do that? Not us! Remember those days when you were a child and made a “blanket fort” in the living room and it made it seem like you’d been magically transported somewhere else? You and your pup can do that, too with a little imagination, a fun new toy or two and perhaps some catnip to liven up the event!

How To Plan A Fun Doggie Date Night

Let’s jump right into how to plan a fun doggie date night (or day!)

- Have a picnic! If the weather is right for it, pack a basket with your and your dog’s favorite goodies. Find a nice, sunny or shaded spot to spread out a blanket and just hang out. Your pup may fall asleep in the sunshine after you’ve both had a snack. You may want to read a book and relax. Before you head home from the picnic, play a bit of fetch or take a run around the park where you’re picnicking.

- Take a long walk. Get into the car and get out of your neighborhood aka rut and find a new place to explore together. If there is a beach or woods or even a peaceful, beautifully-landscaped cemetery, pack up your pup, a waterbowl and water and explore a new place. Give your pup a chance to sniff the new scents he’s being treated to on this new adventure.

- Go to a drive-in or other outdoor event. If there are still drive-in theaters where you live or if there are outdoor events like concerts, snap on your dog’s leash and go there! Even watching television in the backyard is a welcome change to the four walls of your living room or bedroom, right?

- Visit a dog-friendly outdoor restaurant or bar. There are many businesses that are not only open, but are dog welcoming. Do a Google search or ask a friend where he or she recommends then take a trip. Enjoy a meal in the great outdoors and do some people- and dog-watching together!

- Go (safely) shopping. Take a trip to a pet supply store and pick up some treats and toys, clothes or a new bed for your furry friend. Ask your favorite pet store if they’re carrying new Doggijuana toys – if not, ask them to!

- Build a blanket fort! Why not! Having fun in a blanket fort is not just for children! Drag in some high-backed chairs, fill the space with pillows, drape blankets over the back of the chairs, open a space and crawl in! Turn on the television, grab your dog’s favorite toy and your favorite beverage then snuggle in and binge on your favorite shows. If the weather outside is frightful, this is a great way to have an indoor doggie date! If the weather outside is hot and humid or raining… well, it’s still a great time to have an indoor date with your furry companion.

    What do you and your dog love doing together when you have a “date”? Share it with us on our Doggijuana Facebook page!

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    Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

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