5 Reasons To Adopt A Mutt

We love all dogs: big, small, furry, hairless, old, young, and all in between. We also love mutts – we cannot lie! Whether you adopt or rescue a mutt or if you love a purebred dog or puppy, we have reasons to adopt a mutt AND these reasons are ideal for each and every furry family member you share your life with.

December 2 is National Mutt Day, and we’re here to celebrate. In fact, we love this day so much, we celebrate it twice year. The next National Mutt Day is July 31!

Did you know that you can find purebred pups in shelters? There are also rescue groups that specialize in specific breeds. Okay, let’s get into the 5 reasons to adopt a mutt!

Why You Should Adopt A Mutt

- You are seeking unconditional love. That is the best thing about sharing your life with a dog. They don’t care if you have bedhead. A dog doesn’t care if you have been wearing the same sweatpants for the past week. Your mutt will not care if you eat your dinner standing over the sink. What we’re getting at is that your dog or mutt loves you all the time, no matter what.

- You will save more than one life! When you adopt a dog from a shelter you are saving the life of that dog and the life of another dog who may be in need of a space at that shelter or rescue group.

- You’re jealous of your friends whose dogs are dressed in adorable outfits! When you have a dog of your own, you can build his or her wardrobe. If you live in a cold area of the country, of course your pup needs jackets and boots, right? If you live where it’s warm and sunny, then your pup will need a dress or bandana or hat. Go crazy dressing your pet. And you will also be able to spoil your pups with new Juananip filled toys and treats!

- Your pup will help you get in shape. Let’s face it, dogs love to walk and they love to be outdoors. When you have a dog, you will naturally want to make him happy and if that means he takes you on mile-long walks in the woods or around the neighborhood, your health will benefit.

- You’ve always wanted a BFFF (best furry friend forever!) Your dog will be there with you through thick and thin. He will listen to you when you wonder, “what’s for lunch?” or “do you think we should binge watch some Netflix?” Yep, we realize that a BFFF is pretty much the same as getting unconditional love, but it bears repeating!

At Doggijuana, we are dog lovers and we know what dogs love! They love treats, toys, and they love them to be catnip (or as we say, Juananip) filled.

We would LOVE to know how your dog gets his or her Juananip fix! Share photos or videos on our Doggijuana Facebook page.

Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

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